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We have been “Wormin” for over 40 years. Over the past years we’ve seen many varieties and species of worms. Each species brings its very own qualities distinct to the destiny it was create for.

The European Nightcrawler is without a doubt the future of fishing worms in the US. It is a robust, active, hearty fishing bait. It lasts weeks in a cup without refrigeration unlike the Canadian nightcrawler. European Nightcrawlers are still active on a hook even after 30 minutes underwater! And no other worm beats the European Nightcrawler for garden soil aeration and fertilization."

The European Nightcrawler has appeal for any avid worm consumer!
We specialize in supplying bait shops and stores with our bulk European Nightcrawlers!

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Gardening Fishing Bait Sales Pet Food
  • Great Composter
  • Aerates The Soil
  • Worm Castings Are
    Nature's Best Fertilizer
  • Tough
  • Long Lasting
  • Salt or Fresh Water
  • Trout & Bass Love’em
  • Best Shelf Life Of ANY
    Worm On The Market
  • Refrigeration Not Needed
  • All Varieties Of Fish Love’em
  • Excellent Custom Satisfaction
  • Excellent Live Food
  • Nothing Beats This Worm
    For Pet Satisfaction
  • High Protein Treat

Prices As Low As $29.95 per 1000 Click Here To Purchase
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